CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code

CCMAC members can purchase nitro fuel directly from fuel specialists "Powerplus" at North Wyong.

5lt Powerplus methanol    1lt ProNitro 99.9%  1lt Klotz KL-200    (Premixed not available)

POWERPLUS   Unit 5/14 Donaldson Street, North Wyong. Tel 02 4355 4300
Kurt is thrilled with his new VQ Stick S 1500 with
Turnigy SK3 4240 870kv motor. It flew beautifully on
maiden with only very minor trimming. Kurt's first two
landings with his new plane drew top scores of 9.7 and
9.8 points from the onlooking critical pundits. Well
done indeed!
Here is a beautiful shot of the tallest
and most impressive gum on the
CCMAC field, close to the clubhouse.
So what could be the subject of the
X spot at the very top of the canopy
ona recent windy Thursday?
To find out, go to the "Bloopers"
Then Gunter got the second and third Bush
Mules in CCMAC. He loves their relaxing
enjoyable flying style which he has been
spruiking to all members!
Dennis now has an impressive brand new FMS
Large for a foamie, at 2000mm span, it is an
extremely well mannered and relaxing flyer, with
plenty of power on 6s battery.
New member Chris is demonstrating
his enthusiasm in many ways apart
from only his flying.
Here he gets stuck into breaking up
some stubborn rocks that were
risking the blades of the Club's new
Their removal should also enable
pilots to make even smoother and
better landings.
Thanks Chris!
For a while now John has been wondering what to
do with a Tiger 60 that had no wing, and a Cap 32
that had no fuselage. It suddenly occurred to him
that perhaps they could be combined! Result one
new TigerCap! Then a very pleasant surprise, it flies
extremely well indeed!
Mike was the third pilot to maiden a Bush Mule in the
Club. He is still chortling at a trick he pulled on
Gunter by secretly swapping planes. Gunter admired
"Mike's" new plane for a while before starting to
wonder why so many of the details were identical to
his own plane! It was only after noticing that it had
wet grass underneath, did it dawn that it was his own
plane. The pic above IS Mike's plane!
A recent run of very windy flying days resulted in some members
looking for other entertainment when unable to venture aloft.
The answer was mini short course racing trucks. The vehicle of
choice is the WL Toys A969 1/18th scale short course truck.
With brushless motor and 2s lipo these pocket rockets can
reach 75 km, and are almost indestructable!
Racing takes place on the concrete slab in the woods. With
approx 8 cars now owned in the Club, racing is fast and furious.
Races are generally only 2 or 3 laps, as it is hard to count more,
or indeed to stay on the track that long!
In addition, larger cars 1/10th and above electric or nitro can be
run on the adjacent lower dirt track
Cars are
not allowed on the flying field, or car parks.
Only flying members of CCMAC are permitted to run.
Now Derek has maidened his Bush Mule, also
pronouncing it to be a great flyer.
To be a bit different his is adorned with "Highlander
Air" livery!
Gary is now getting serious! He recently maidened
this large ply/balsa stick alike! Having been gifted it
by another member, he is not sure just what it is?
NOT what it says on the stickers! Wingspan, not
measured, approx 1600-1700mm? But it does fly
really well.
Canberra based CCMAC member Richard maidened this
impressive new large size 3d foamie at the Mannering
Park field. Flex Innovation QQ CAP232EX, Potenza 60,
running 6s. 1531mm span.
Paul S maidened his newest scratch build, a very
pretty OS 91 four stroke nitro powered Sopwith
biplane, with nice period patina.
He is planning to build his own complete Dawn
Patrol squadron!
Chad maidened this beaut new Seagull Ultimate bipe with 120
OS nitro two stroke. It immediately proved to be a top performer
impressing all, including its happy owner!
Mark was all smiles after the maiden of his
new Pylon Magic racer, powered by OS 46
nitro. We look forward to a full on race with
all the Club's Magics.
Who will be the quickest?
Kurt has the latest addition to the fast growing club
Bush Mule squadron. Very nicely decked out in
Swissair colours. Another top flyer on its first flight.
The technical team confers prior to the maiden of Mark's new
Magic Pylon racer
No one could accuse Tony and Chris of sitting on the fence.
The very next day after it was cut by vandals, they were out
there fitting all new wires. Thanks guys!
No it's not a RC model, Some lucky fellow was seen the other day about to
go for an aerobatic joy ride in Matt Hall's plane at Pelican airport, Belmont.
And no, it was not a CCMAC member.
Now Garys got a monster power glider. A 2.4 meter span Top Sky Cruise.
It flew superbly on maiden, drifting sedately around the field in a brisk breeze.
Should be even better next time if Gary remembers to bring the cockpit canopy!
John is the latest pilot to join the Bush Mule squadron, although this  previously
belonged to Maurie. John is pleased with its performance.