CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code

CCMAC members can purchase nitro fuel directly from fuel specialists "Powerplus" at North Wyong.

5lt Powerplus methanol    1lt ProNitro 99.9%  1lt Klotz KL-200    (Premixed not available)

POWERPLUS   Unit 5/14 Donaldson Street, North Wyong. Tel 02 4355 4300
Chris S also maidened this very impressive
Freewing Avanti S foamie. 1236mm span, with
80mm EDF. It soon proved to be one of the best
EDFs seen at the Club for some time.
A fast easy take off, good turn of speed, excellent
handling, and smooth landing.
Gary is more than happy with the maiden of his new
Originally built by Danny some time ago, Gary has
refitted it with Turnigy Aero 5055 motor, running 5s. It's
goer and is expected to get even better with a bit of
minor prop tuning!
Derek has gone for a balsa MXS for the latest addition to
his already much too large squadron. It's a Phoenix
1500mm span, running Turnigy Aero 5055 motor on 5S. It
was soon  boosted to
6s just to make it faster than Gary's
new Cap..............!
Bailey now has warbird! A very nice Hangar 9 Mustang,
with plenty of power from Turnigy G60 motor running
5s. He was soon into combat style aerobatics!
AGM Coming Up Soon
CCMAC's AGM will be held on Sunday September 30th. Following annual reports there will be an election of a committee for the next 12 months. The Club is run
by members, and all are encouraged to contribute by standing for committee positions. (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, plus three other general
committee members.) Nominations are now open on the Club notice board.
Members are planning an informal RC Bring and Buy/Swap meet on the day of the AGM on September 30th.
Bring along any RC models and accessories for which you would like to find a new home. And of course some cash to buy what takes your fancy!
Keith has maidened his new Cub, originally built by
Maurie from an HK kit. One can't miss the beaut bright
yellow covering. Keith is applying some careful trimming
to tidy up the handling.
Graham has now progressing well under Dennis'
coaching, and has become keen enough to
purchase his own plane, a very nice mint condition
Boomerang 40 trainer with electric power.

MAL   Mike's enthusiasm for flying has been
followed by his son in law Mal who has bought
a VQ Wasp trainer and joined the Club to train
with Dennis.
New student pilot Ray has maidened his Sport 40
Classic, which was previously well known in the Club as
"Trevor" the trainer. Ray who is progressing well with
Dennis, is already building up a collection of planes to
maiden himself as soon as he achieves his Wings.
1/18 Truck Racing Gets Real Serious!
Nearly ten pilots are now becoming addicted to a weekly dose of
1/18th short course truck racing. Competition is fast and furious as
drivers attempt to get the better of current champ Chris S. The trucks
are supposed to be stock standard, but mods already include, mag
wheels, slick tyres, wheel re-alignments, and oil filled shocks, and a
custom grey paint job from Dennis.
The driving standards officer seems to ignore a fair bit of biff and
barge. Understandable as these little 1/18th WL A969 rockets can
reach 70km!

MYLES  CCMAC welcomes new member Myles.
As an experienced glider pilot, he is now keen to move
into powered aircraft, so has built a new Calamato high
wing trainer to practice for his Silver Wings.

DES has recently moved to the Central Coast
and joins CCMAC to get back into RC flying. He has
flown previously, but is taking a refresher course
before gaining Wings. Having seen him fly, the
general opinion is that this will be soon!
He has already bought this 1400mm foam Cub, and
a Boomerang trainer.
Gunter has maidened yet another Spacewalker!
This time an HK/VQ arf powered by OS 46 two stroke.
It flew very well with only a little trimming.
Kurt has reduced his squadron substantially in
preparation for his move back to Sydney.
But he still intends to continue flying as often as possible
at CCMAC, and has maidened a new Tundra.
Garys been at it again! This time a maiden of a preloved
WOT 4.
1350mm span, with SK3 4240 motor on 5s.
Verdict, a very nice flyer, but just requires a bit more
grunt through battery/prop adjustments to meet his
"hoon" flying needs!
Chris S, and Gary have now taken to Combat
with their sinister looking black flying wings.
Their high speed aerobatics and frequent near
misses, trailing bright streamers, are keeping the
"pits" entertained. Although no one else seems
prepared to fly at the same time!
This inspired Derek and Gunter to get out their
old Wicked Wing slope soarers. Derek then
converted them to electric power to take on the
"Blackies"! Rumour is that there are TWO more
"Wickeds" coming soon. Who could they be?
New member Myles (right) lost no time
in achieving his fixed wing Silver; being
an experienced glider pilot greatly
helped. Here he is congratulated by
CCMAC President and instructor Lee.
Danny's son Mark  has
rejoined CCMAC after a few
years absence. He very
soon got back into
aerobatics with the maiden
of a new Grand Tundra and
a Skipper. He has also
enthusiastically joined the
1/18th truck racing  events!
Arthur can always be relied on to come up with
something different! He has now maidened this
modified RCM design, which he has named
Dragonfly. The fuselage has been lengthened in
front of the wing to accomodate electric motor and
battery. The maiden was cut rather short to carry
out refinement of the CoG!
GARY is new to flying, has joined CCMAC, and
started training with Dennis.
He immediately aquired a pre loved electric VQ
Stick 1500.
His skills in RC yacht racing, and building, are both
useful in taking to the air!
Paul has maidened a brand new plane to replace
his written off much loved Calamato.
It is a Great Planes Escapade. 1340mm, span with
OS 46 engine, and rorty Pitts muffler.
It flew brilliantly first time up!
A strong 25 knot Southerly deterred most pilots one morning
recently until three flying wings took to the air successfully.
After that, two Reaktors decided to have a go. But both crashed
almost simultaneously within minutes of take off! And
both lost
their noses including motors........... Victory for the Wings!