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CCMAC has launched a members' only FaceBook page
Phil is extremely happy with his brand new Hangar 9,
10cc Valiant.
Running on electric Turnigy Aero 5055 on 6S gives
it rapid performance and impressive aerobatic
Derek built this 1830mm span Super Flying Models
Falcon Stick several months ago with RCGF 20cc gas,
but was never motivated to maiden it. A decision to
switch to electric (Turnigy Air 5055 on 6s) was
followed by an  immediate maiden!
Pete V recently maidened this renovated 1500mm
span VQ Stick with 46 two stroke nitro power.
It proved to be a very nice flyer.
CCMAC President Mike, has renovated a classic
Astro Hog, now re-covered in vivid yellow, and
nitro powered.
Gunter is enthusiastic with his latest "Hog". This
time a biplane, built from a SIG kit.
Two stroke nitro powered, it is a nice classic
Dave B has already re-engined his nice new
SBach, this time with a Saito four stroke nitro. It
now performs to his high expectations!
Larry successfully maidened this innovative self
designed, and scratch built Stck, 1800mm span, with
G46 motor.
Guy is possibly CCMAC's keenest student pilot, under Gary's supervision he is now close to
"Wings". Recently he has maidened this brand new low wing Calamato, and a nice Dynam foam
Grant has always loved the Black Horse Speedair,
so he recently grabbed a brand new one, and
installed nitro power. It performed every bit as well
as he remembered!
Rob is one to know a bargain when he sees it! So he recently made an offer for a couple of Scanner
like planes from Tony's collection. Both came complete with 46 nitro engines; and have already been
maidened. They more than lived up to Rob's high performance expectations!
Larry is happy after being awarded  
Silver Wings by instructor Paul S.
He joined CCMAC a couple of years
ago as a "mature" student pilot, and
over time has worked keenly to
become an enthusiastic and proficient
pilot, who is also very handy at
building kits, and own design aircraft.
Mike has recently joined CCMAC
as a student pilot. He was attracted
to the hobby planning to teach
himself in a local park with small
foamies, But after destroying a few,
he has joined the Club to get tutition!
Dennis is helping him put together
a brand new electric Boomerang.

Electric Pitts foamies are getting
smaller and smaller!
WELCOME TO J.D. (Joseph)
New member fourteen year old J.D. was introduced to CCMAC by Jason, and is already
learning to fly with Dennis. Apparently J.D. is an extremely accomplished driver of both go
karts and trail bikes. As such, Dennis reports that after only a couple of flights he is making
quick prgress in handling a club trainer, and is already investing in his own batteries!
Des has built this very nice 1600mm
electric Storch from a Hobby King
ply/balsa kit. It will be maidened as soon
as the weather improves!
Pete recently re-maidened this excellent
renovation of a classic low winger. A new
enlarged cockpit canopy, and a complete
re-cover give it a great new more modern look.
Having converted his few I.C. to electric,
incredibly, Derek has now built a brand new
Scanner powered by a new OS 46. Can't
keep away entirely from the noise and smell!