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Gunter has been busy again.
But "Spot the difference"!  
It is in fact a second Black Horse
Wilga. 1700mm span powered by
OS 61 two stroke.
But this time it has a different
registration number!
Once he got it trimmed and sorted
he was so delighted with the first
that he was unable to resist
What next Gunter, a third?
"Someone in Chain Valley" recently bought a SFM
quarter scale Cub.
It was MAURIE!
Powered by RCGF 30 gasser, it performed brilliantly on
maiden flight.
Larry recently became a student pilot flying electrics of
his own design, But now he has maidened a brand new
WOT Trainer, 1700mm span with Turnigy 4250 motor
on 5s.
He is delighted with its performance.
Dennis seems really chuffed with his new EFlite
Deuces Wild electric twinnie.
He could not resist it when offered by Daryl on
his move to WA. Dennis has upped the power
to 6s, and fitted retracts.Previously a good
performer, it is now a real goer!
Arthur has successfully maidened his latest
re-incarnation of his faithful RCM trainer. Long
ago converted to a carbon fibre rod fuselage,
it now sports a nice new wing modified by
Arthur, and recovered in crystal clear photo
laminate. Powered by G46, it is a real goer.
Pic by Gary
Des has maidened this electric Spacewalker built
from a kit. He designed and applied the spectacular
colourful graphics!
Also note the unusual pilot!
Mark had a successful maiden with this classic Astro Hog,
originally built by Gunter, Now powered by a 90 Tiger
nitro, recued from the Casey's shop fire a few years ago,
it performed extremely well indeed!

Congratulations to another
mature age student pilot who
has now gained his Silver
wings! Des who was been
tutored by Dennis, proved to
be a very enthusiastic
learner, interspersing his
regular lessons on his
trainer with constant practice
on his Tundra foamie. All this
paid off by recently gaining
his Silver wings.
Something a bit different! Myles has maidened this elegant
new 2 meter span powered glider. Built from a an
American DJ Aerotech Crysalid balsa kit it proved a
brilliant soarer.
Although being CCMAC's newest
member Pete has some years previous
experience flying at the Maitland club.
Having now moved to the Central Coast,
he has once more taken up flying having
joined CCMAC, with both an electric
trainer, and this Sonic with 46 nitro.
Welcome to the Club Peter.
About a year ago Dave started bringing
his young son Lucas to CCMAC to learn
to fly. Lucas soon gained his wings. Dave
got hooked watching, and soon joined
himself to start lessons. He progressed
almost as fast as his son; and has now
gained his own Silver wings. In our pic
Dave (right) is congratulated by Dennis.

Long time a jet turbine enthusiast, Warren recently
brought his  project to the Club for taxi trials.
The engine fired promptly and the wingless aircraft set
off for several high speed runs for the length of the runway.
It both sounded, smelt, and looked extremely impressive
seemingly close to take off point even
without wings!
We look forward to a flight soon.
Lee has gone even
larger with his new
Seagull Extra 330LX.
2082mm wing span, with
a powerful PTE 51cc
petrol engine.
It flew superbly on
maiden with only minor
trimming needed.
Although Lee did admit
to having a few nerves
before it took to the air
for the first flight!
Yes, it is another gasser for
Derek. But the engine is the
same new 10cc RCGF after
his MXS was recently
destroyed in a second recent
dead stick!
The plane is a 1600mm span
Spacewalker originally built
by Gunter from an HK
ply/balsa kit. The maiden
was a success, after serious
attention to the engine to
avoid a further dead stick!
Lee was absolutely determined to ensure that his new large scale
Extra 51cc did not go anywhere before the maiden flight.
The first engine test run was carried out with the plane securely tied
to a substantial gum tree!
Mike recently completed a rebuild of his very nice Black
Horse Tornado including a stylish recover in new colour
Don't tell anyone, but he also re-powered the plane from
nitro to electric G46!
Chris C also carried out a restoration of this neat little
electric SIG high winger that he scored a a recent swap
Even better, it turned out to be an excellent flyer.
Robert has now rejoined
CCMAC after a year long trip
around Australia.
To celebrate his return he is
completing this new Ripmax
Bolero with 46 nitro, and has
also aquired an electric Black
Horse 4D Stick to beat up the
field. Welcome back Rob!
Peter M has recently joined CCMAC.
An ongoing long time member of the
Gosford Club, he has now also joined us
to experience a new field, and reduce
travel time from his local home.
After its maiden, Dennis reported that his new giant Corby
Starlet was a "pussy cat", although it did need some prop
At 2181mm span this Sportsman Aviation plane with Turnigy
G160 on 2x5s batteries is impressive and full of character!
New student pilot Jason has maidened his new
Boomerang trainer, is really enjoying and getting
stuck into training to achieve Silver as soon as he
Dad (Maurie) is watching carefully!
Gunter has spent many happy hours
building a lovely Storch from a
HobbyKing 1600mm ply and balsa kit.
The scale detail is superb down to the
adjustable wing slats; and check out the
tiny screws around the windscreen!
Gunter already has another high priority
project in mind, so has decided to sell;
ready for completion with 3s Turnigy SK3