CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code

CCMAC members can purchase nitro fuel directly from fuel specialists "Powerplus" at North Wyong.

5lt Powerplus methanol    1lt ProNitro 99.9%  1lt Klotz KL-200    (Premixed not available)

POWERPLUS   Unit 5/14 Donaldson Street, North Wyong. Tel 02 4355 4300
Ever wonder what the view is like flying
aerobatics over the CCMAC field?
Well, now you can experience flights in
Paul's nitro Dragon Lady, Garry's
electric Bushmaster, or Dennis' large
scale Pilatus PC6.
OR, if you are really brave you
can fly with Gary in his
evil looking Sonicmodels 900mm
span flying wing. Complete with
mini Darth Vader in the cockpit.
HIs first attempts ended up in
failed launches; but he finally got
it right!
Video Corner
And if you would like to experience
Control Line at first hand, Gary's latest
video shows it both from Bob Fisher
pilot's view and from the plane.
Maurie has maidened yet another plane.
This time an Avios Bush Mule 1500mm
Great for STOL flights on rough ground.
But perhaps Maurie has not noticed that it
is foam, and electric?

Chris is one of our newest members, having only joined the
Club and starting to learn to fly last October. As an electrical
technician, he showed a keeness to learn quickly under
instruction from Dennis.
He soon upgraded from his initial foamies to a brand new
balsa Boomerang high wing trainer on which he achieved
Silver Wings straight off.
Gary's depron Caribou debut
We all know by now that we can expect the unusual from
But this time he has really excelled himself.
For months now he has been quietly working away on a
large scratch built twin electric Caribou. It is 1800mm span
constructed from depron foam frames covered with brown
paper! Lovingly painted in camoflage colours, complete
down to photos of Gary looking out of the portholes!
It finally came off the dining room table for its maiden.
Initially it refused to unstick from the field. But just as Gary
gave up, and started taxiing back to the pits, it took off
totally unexpectedly!.
Luckily he managed to gather it together despite it
showing symptoms of being underpowered, and/or tail
He managed to land intact apart from a collapsed u/c leg.
So, to his wife's despair, it went back to the dining room
for modifications, more power and retrimming, before the
next sortie which was very much more sucessful!
Rumour Corner
Seems like there may be a brand new large
scale Lysander about to STOL into the Club
very soon!
who could it be?
Greg was shocked when the receiver battery fell out of
his beloved ModelTech Magic 3d in mid flight, resulting
in a hard impact on the turf! The front half of the
fuselage was destroyed.
But Greg has now completed a superb rebuild, and it
looks even better than new.
Pommie Dave is the latest to join the growing ranks
of the Magic Pylon racers. Powered by Tiger 46,
he reckons that it is too fast for him. We don't
believe it!
Don't pay any attention to the sign Gary!
We know that you have it under full control!
This is his latest, an FMS foam Grumman
Hellcat, 1400mm span, 4250 500kv motor,
running no less than 5s!
Bryan and Chris achieved their Silver Wings on the same day. Congratulations to both of them!
Bryan achieved his Bronze Wings a while ago and has enjoyed
flying his FunCub, especially in windy conditions!
More recently he started training for Silver on an elderly high wing
nitro trainer.
Warren has now presented him with Silver!
A forward thinker, Bryan already has a nitro Beaver almost ready
to go. And also has a large scale gas Stick stored away ready for
when he achieves Gold!
Paul was almost reduced to tears when
he trashed his trusty low wing
Calamato recently. Always one to call a
spade a spade, Paul readily owned up
to pushing the elevator the wrong way,
(only for a split second though) when
practicing some advance aerobatics.
But he is now looking forward to
getting 2 new Spitfires into action!
Mick is getting serious about training for Silver
Wings with Denis' guidance. So he has maidened a
brand new Boomerang 60 with G60 power. He says
that it is big enough to see!
No sooner had he gained his Silver Wings, Chris was tempted,
by Gary, to maiden a new black Sonic AR Flywing. Knowing
that it would be a handful Chris was cautious initially, but was
soon starting to become adventurous, landing without incident!
At only ten years of age Lucas is CCMAC'S newest and youngest member. Not having flown before,
Lucas is already showing an impressive keenness to learn as quickly as possible under Denis'
enthusiastic and expert instruction. He is already taking the controls of the Club trainer practicing
smooth circuits.
Gunter has now maidened the second Avios Bush
Mule in the Club. He is very grateful to Arthur who
spent a while programming his brand new Taranis
radio. Having succeded in that, the maiden flight
was a great success, Gunter is impressed with his
new twinnie!
Warren is reviving Club interest in quads with his
amazing new HK Quanum Venture FPV H Quad; with
DJI Naza-M GPS controller.
In our pic it maintains station, before coming in for an
full auto-landing within centimetres from its take off
point in front of its master!
Maurie said that he would NEVER fly a "fruit box".
But, here he is now with his second, a new
Durafly Tundra electric EPO.
He reckons that it makes it real simple to get
ready for flying within only a couple of minutes of
arriving at the strip.
Tony seems to have caught flattie foamie
fever; now launching a new crash resistant
EPP Mustang P51 warbird to go after those
peskie Reaktors! All went well on maiden
after increasing prop size.
(pic by Gary)
Kurt is thrilled with his new VQ Stick S 1500 with Turnigy SK3 4240
870kv motor. It flew beautifully on maiden with only very minor trimming.
Kurt's first two landings with his new plane drew top scores of 9.7 and
9.8 points from the onlooking critical pundits. Well done indeed!
Chris has been bitten really hard by the hobby since passing his
Silver Wings.
Yet another maiden is this very nice Eflite Commander 1400mm
span electric powered by 15 size motor on 3s.
A very nice handling flyer with a broad speed envelope.