CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
Derek has gone for a balsa MXS for the latest addition to
his already much too large squadron. It's a Phoenix
1500mm span, running Turnigy Aero 5055 motor on 5S. It
was soon  boosted to
6s just to make it faster than Gary's
new Cap..............!
Keith has maidened his new Cub, originally built by
Maurie from an HK kit. One can't miss the beaut bright
yellow covering. Keith is applying some careful trimming
to tidy up the handling.
Graham has now progressing well under Dennis'
coaching, and has become keen enough to
purchase his own plane, a very nice mint condition
Boomerang 40 trainer with electric power.
Gunter has maidened yet another Spacewalker!
This time an HK/VQ arf powered by OS 46 two stroke.
It flew very well with only a little trimming.
Kurt has reduced his squadron substantially in
preparation for his move back to Sydney.
But he still intends to continue flying as often as possible
at CCMAC, and has maidened a new Tundra.
Arthur can always be relied on to come up with
something different! He has now maidened this
modified RCM design, which he has named
Dragonfly. The fuselage has been lengthened in
front of the wing to accomodate electric motor and
battery. The maiden was cut rather short to carry
out refinement of the CoG!
And new Committee for 2018/9
The Club AGM was held on Sept 30th. The outgoing Committee reported a
successful year, with the Club continuing to enjoy a healthy financial
situation. Lee was thanked for his effort as President for the last couple of
It was not necessary to hold elections for the new Committee as all positions
were filled unopposed.
The new President is Mike Payens, Vice President Chris Cahill, Treasurer
Arthur Tumeth, and general committee members   Paul Schofield, Gary
Hogue and Dan Hickey.
New President Mike called for members to submit any ideas for events, or
improvements for  the new year.
Vice President Dr Chris Cahill then demonstrated the use of the Club's
defibrillator which he hoped would never be used; but which could save a life
if needed.
Following the Meeting, a "members only" bring and buy meeting was held.
Bring and Buy
DR Chris demonstrates the defibrillator
Paul Schofield, Mike Payens (President), Dennis Mackay (Secretary), Chris Cahill (Vice President), Arthur Tumeth (Treasurer), Gary Hogue.
Dan Hickey (absent)
Only Gary could need an entire line to himself by maidening three planes on one day! First it was PC9 foamie that he picked up on a recent trip to
Queensland. Then it was a Sport 40 fuselage mated to an unknown wing, powered by G46 motor on 5s; this turned out to be a great flyer.
Then it was remaiden of his
infamous Flying Fortress bomber, rebuilt yet again after being destroyed for the umpteenth time on a mission some months ago.
It shows more than a few battle scars, but is now flying better than ever!
Phil has maidened this superb Flightline 1600mm
span foam spitfire MkIX. It flew as well as it looks.
After some initial trimming he was very soon
performing advanced combat aerobatics over the
CCMAC's popular mobile cafe service
"The Speedy Bean" has recently
upgraded to brand new van. Owner
Leigh is over the moon with his shiny
new Renault. The coffee machines
now all run on battery power. No more
noisy generator.
CCMAC pilots eagerly await his arrival
for their coffee (or Frappe) fix around
11.00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Chris C has now maidened his VQ
Hurricane gasser. Looks, and sounds
fantastic, and a great flyer.
Although the retracts were slightly
reluctant to co-operate on the first
Outgoing President, Lee, looked
like a stunned mullet when he was
recently caught with an electric
foam flattie!
He was extremely quick to clarify
that he was
only carrying it off the
field to help a mate!
CCMAC was extremely sorry to lose one of our longest standing, and most popular members, when Dan Hickey
passed away last Sunday afternoon.

Danny joined the Club some ten years ago and has always been, without doubt, one of the most active and
dedicated members, keen to contribute to the Club's success in as many ways as possible.

He was a member of the committee for the last four years, and was extremely keen to continue for 2018/19.
Club members were unanimous in re-electing him at the AGM last Sunday just a few hours before his passing.

Danny was always one of the first to pitch in and help with club projects. He put his many technical and practical
skills to many uses including welding gates and fences, constructing tables, maintaining mowers and endless other
tasks. He was a skilled pilot, with particular enthusiasm for very fast, highly aerobatic, and sometimes very noisy
nitro planes. He was unequalled in building and repair skills, and had endless patience in repairing badly damaged
Club trainers for student pilots.

In particular we will miss his quick wit and sense of humour.  Especially his comments from the "back stalls".

Danny will certainly be fondly remembered by all who knew, and flew with him.

Our sympathy is offered to his wife Mary, and his family. We are especially pleased that son Mark has recently
rejoined the Club,
Not content with the three maidens above, Gary then made a splash on Lake Barlow with his first flight of a pre-loved Dynam Catalina. 1470mm span. twin
1100kv motors on 3S. He intends to fly it after heavy rain! But will also try removing floats for grass take offs..........
Bob has now replaced his Stick 4d with a brand new
Seagull Challenger 40. 1350mm span, powered by
his OS46. A proven good flyer, it is the third at
CCMAC. After a bit of minor trimming Bob looks
forward to matching it with the other two!