CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
The day turned out fine and unusually warm, attracting a good turnout to enjoy great flying at the field.
Dennis chose to celebrate the day with his most appropriate superb Spitfire, whilst Gary towed and even looped with the Aussie flag
behind his Bushmaster.
Everyone else enjoyed a drama free days flying, and enjoyable socialising in the CCMAC spirit.
Dennis has successfully maidened his latest project.
A Black Horse Proctor EDF, featured as the May
"Plane of the Month". 1380mm span, 90mm 12 blade,
1600kv  Dr Mad Thrust EDF. 12s 6200mah Zop
Gunter has been busy again. This time a  very
impressive new Black Horse Wilga.
1700mm span powered by OS 61 two stroke
New student pilot Guy, maidened this nice new
VQ Models Wasp trainer, with assistance from
his instructor.
Derek has now maidened his second gasser.
This time a re-engine, from electric, of his fairly new
Phoenix MXS. 1472mm span.
Now fitted with new RCGF 10cc petrol engine, it  
performs even better than previously, and now is nice
and noisy!
Lee's wife was so sympathetic to the recent loss of his
much loved Black Horse Edge that she bought him a
Now with DLE 30 gasser engine Lee reckons that it
has even more performance !
"Someone in Chain Valley" recently bought a SFM
quarter scale Cub.
It was MAURIE!
Powered by RCGF 30 gasser, it performed brilliantly on
maiden flight.
Student pilot Paul has maidened a brand new
Boomerang 60 high winger powered by Turnigy
G46. He is very pleased with its performance
finding it to be an ideal plane to train for Silver
Larry recently became a student pilot flying electrics of
his own design, But now he has maidened a brand new
WOT Trainer, 1700mm span with Turnigy 4250 motor
on 5s.
He is delighted with its performance.
Dennis seems really
chuffed with his new EFlite
Deuces Wild electric
He could not resist it when
offered by Daryl on his
move to WA. Dennis has
upped the power to 6s, and
fitted retracts.Previously a
good performer, it is now a
real goer!
Arthur has successfully
maidened his latest
re-incarnation of his faithful
RCM trainer. Long ago
converted to a carbon fibre
rod fuselage, it now sports a
nice new wing modified by
Arthur, and recovered in
crystal clear photo laminate.
Powered by G46, it is a real
Pic by Gary
Gary is now tearing up the strip in his new Durafly
EFxtra racer. After 3 successful maidens, he
pronounced the plane to be yet another most
Ask him what happened just a few flights later!
CCMAC Renewals, due on June
30th, flowed in well, and hit 62
before the deadline.
President Mike, seemed pleased!
Treasurer Arthur, was patiently
waiting in the background to
receive the fees!
Members who have not yet
paid, will now have to pay a
late fee before they can fly
Pic by Gary
Arthur has made a great job of renovating and re-covering his
faithful electric Phoenix Rainbow; now resplendent in scarlet,
yellow, and clear film.
Brian P recently flew this cute and nostalgic pair of classic highwingers,
Controlled by only two chanels, and powered by tiny diesel engines.
The slightly macabre pilot in Des's newly built Spacewalker!
Des has maidened this
electric Spacewalker
built from a kit. He
designed and applied
the spectacular colourful
Also note the unusual
CCMAC AGM will be held on July 28th
Breakfast BBQ 8.30am, meeting 9.00am.
Committee nominations open on Notice Board, now until July 21st.

This superb looking large scale Mosquito recently made
its first appearance in the CCMAC pits. Apparently it has
been under secret construction for quite some time!
Following careful inspection and fettling by a group of
experts, it undertook a series of motor, and taxi trials.
After these it was then taken back to its builder's workshop
for final inspections, prior to a maiden flight anticipated to
take place before too long.
Who could the builder be?
Gunter has been at it again!
His maiden of this new RV4
was a great success with
only minimal trimming
needed. He built it from a
Great Planes kit, and
installed a 46 size two stroke