CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code

CCMAC members can purchase nitro fuel directly from fuel specialists "Powerplus" at North Wyong.

5lt Powerplus methanol    1lt ProNitro 99.9%  1lt Klotz KL-200    (Premixed not available)

POWERPLUS   Unit 5/14 Donaldson Street, North Wyong. Tel 02 4355 4300
Ever wonder what the view is like flying
aerobatics over the CCMAC field?
Well, now you can experience flights in
Paul's nitro Dragon Lady, Garry's
electric Bushmaster, or Dennis' large
scale Pilatus PC6.
The "Pink Beast" is Warren's magnificent Seagull
Nemesis NXT, 2045mm span, with 35 DLE engine.
The colour is faithful to Jon Sharp's original Reno
And it was a superb performer on Warren's maiden
OR, if you are really brave you
can fly with Gary in his
evil looking Sonicmodels 900mm
span flying wing. Complete with
mini Darth Vader in the cockpit.
HIs first attempts ended up in
failed launches; but he finally got
it right!
Phil has maidened this extremely nice 1780mm span Great
Planes Revolver Sport Aerobat 70.
It goes like a rocket, powered by a G110 motor on no less
than 8S!
Bruce maidened, and trimmed, Albert's new
Boomerang 11 trainer, powered by 46 nitro.
Albert soon took over the controls and said that
it is a well handling plane to advance him
towards Silver Wings.
Wally went out to buy a new Calamato; but came back with
a new Great Planes Easy Sport 40 Mk2!  Apparently
assembly of the kit presented a few problems; but it
proved a fast and  excellent flyer, powered by OS46.
Bruce's maidened a new VQ Magic Pylon racer.
Powered by an OS46 in place of recommended 32,
it goes like a scalded cat!
Maurie's monster Cub has been successfully maidened!
It has 120 nitro power, but a larger engine has been prescribed
before the next flight.
The 3000mm span Cub was superbly built by Maurie from a Balsa
USA kit.
Mike's got a very nice new EFlite Pulse 60. A real goer powered by G60
Video Corner
Maurie's spectacular new large scale VQ Pilatus Porter performed
really well on maiden. 2720mm span with 30 gasser. Colourful Swiss
Cheese graphics are a real stand out!
And if you would like to experience
Control Line at first hand, Gary's latest
video shows it both from Bob Fisher
pilot's view and from the plane.
After years of painstaking building, Arthur's magnificent
scale Storch has finally flown! Maiden flight was at the
Wyong Club; but two days later the second flight was at
CCMAC. It looked and sounded magnificent; but a bit of
trimming will be needed to make it fly as well as it looks.
Perhaps it just needs a miniature Hanna Reitsch at the
Coming soon -     Members Meeting Jan 28th.
This year's Christmas Party held at the field on Dec 10th was a quieter event than usual. Numbers were down, perhaps
members were confused by the date change? But, those who did attend enjoyed a relaxing and convivial day in fine
weather. There was not much flying, but much chatting was done. An excellent lunch was organised by the club committee.
Many thanks to Lee, Gary, Arthur, Chris, and Greg. And of course to the ladies - the Two Margarets, Nicky, and Freddy
who prepared the chicken, ham, salads and deserts. Arthur's masterstroke was to buy out all the "Drumstick" cones at the
local Coles!
Non flying entertainment was provided by a mini members car concours - which Rob won with his brand new red Mustang!
Danny was a close second with his very nice MG SV8. Jim, and Derek had fun, and raised a bit of dirt racing
RC cars in the lower car park.
Far fetched stories were told!
Rob's Mustang
Danny's MG RV8
Not to mention Derek's
Traxxas Slash RC short
course truck!
Maurie enjoyed the party!
Who's taking our pic?
Gary was photo-bombed by a Laplander!
Following the recent early demise of the new Club
trainer, Danny soon obtained a replacement
(kindly donated by Wyong Club President Bob
Marshall) which he renovated and re-covered
superbly. This one is a low wing "Precedent Low
Boy" powered by G46 on 5S. Dennis will offer
training on it to young potential new club members.
Then Warren flew his, also powered by
nitro 46. Goes like another scalded cat!
Seems like there could be up to 10 more
under construction in CCMAC.
But "Electric Derek" powered his with an
NTM EF-1 3842, 1300kv pylon racing motor
running on 4s! A bit hairy on first take off, it
has now been tamed with trimming and
Some people cannot get too much partying!
A "stylish" lunch was also held, a few days after the party,
by those at the field on the day.
No expense was spared with candelabra, fresh fruit
platters, fruit mince pies, Cake, Cheese and bickie platter,
Bonbon's, the list just goes on....and on...