CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
Graham has now progressing well under Dennis'
coaching, and has become keen enough to
purchase his own plane, a very nice mint condition
Boomerang 40 trainer with electric power.
Arthur can always be relied on to come up with
something different! He has now maidened this
modified RCM design, which he has named
Dragonfly. The fuselage has been lengthened in
front of the wing to accomodate electric motor and
battery. The maiden was cut rather short to carry
out refinement of the CoG!
Phil has maidened this superb Flightline 1600mm
span foam spitfire MkIX. It flew as well as it looks.
After some initial trimming he was very soon
performing advanced combat aerobatics over the
Chris C has now maidened his VQ
Hurricane gasser. Looks, and sounds
fantastic, and a great flyer.
Although the retracts were slightly
reluctant to co-operate on the first
Bob has now replaced his Stick 4d with a brand new
Seagull Challenger 40. 1350mm span, powered by
his OS46. A proven good flyer, it is the third at
CCMAC. After a bit of minor trimming Bob looks
forward to matching it with the other two!
Only a POM, Dave (B),
could come up with
something as eccentric as
this .
A secondary
undercarriage on the top
of the fuselage and fin!
Perfect for landing upside
down and executing a
forward flip at the end of
the runway back to the
right side up ready for an
immediate take off!
Paul S has added to his fast growing Dawn Patrol
squadron with this Fokker D VII biplane. Superbly
built from scratch. 1700mm span, powered by OS
91 pumped four stroke.
It joins his Sopwith Pup, and SE5.
Paul L has maidened this very neat low winger
1500mm span powered by the OS46 salvaged from
the wreckage of his much love Calamatto.  The new
plane was built for him by Paul
S out of sympathy for
the loss. Loosely based on a 5 Star 4S, It immediately
proved to be a top performer, so now everyone wants
Warren has beaten up the strip with this new EDF
foamie, Taft Hobby Viper. The original fan was
destroyed on the workbench when it sucked in a
battery, so Warren has replaced it with a high
performance unit originally intended for a new
Sword on order. THe Viper is fast, but the Sword
should be faster!
Lee is extremely happy with the maiden of his new wicked beast.
A 2000mm span Black Horse Edge 540 V3 powered by Saito 220 nitro. It
performs every bit as well as it looks!
Bailey's young friend Lucas
has now been awarded his
Silver Wings, following a test
by CCMAC instructor Warren.
At 11 years of age Lucas is
one of the youngest pilots to
achieve Silver at the Club.
His trainer Dennis, was
impressed by the way Lucas
applied himself to learning
from the start, and the
confidence with which he now
David B has a new Wolf Models Extra, 2000mm span, with
DLE35 gasser. Only a few seconds after his maiden take off
he was right into flying it in his normal manner. Loops, rolls,
prop-hangs. Very impressive!
No it's not a Beaver! But Gunter felt right at home
with the maiden of his VQ Dornier 27, 1600mm
span with ASP 61 four stroke engine.
The Club working Bee held on November
17th achieved
much in a short time, due
to the excellent turnout, and a start made
an hour earlier than published because
of poor flying weather.
Tasks completed included:- New
windsock pole opposite the flight box.
Elimination of a trip hazard along the
tables. Painting and repairs of tables.
Filling of holes on the strip.
Whipper-snipping. And a general tidy-up.
Many thanks to all who participated; and
enjoyed a well deserved bbq lunch after.
Mike's latest maiden is his pre-loved refurbished
Seagull PC9. He repaired the damaged nose, and
converted it from nitro to electric with Turnigy 5055 on
5s. It performed extremely well with only minimal
Gunter has got back into
quads with his new
"Bugsy", joining a couple
of others now flying in the
Club. He plans to practise
regularly in order to
achieve his multirotor
"Wings" as soon as

(pic by Des)
2018 Member's Christmas Lunch, and December Member's Meeting
This year it was decided to combine the annual Christmas lunch with the December Member's meeting.
At the meeting the Committee offered suggestions to members to assess the general opinion. These included
the possibility to improve the landing field by concentrating attention on a central landing strip; discussion on a
need for first aid training, and the situation on obtaining a lease from the Council. Members' opinions will be
taken into consideration at future Committee meetings.
Following the meeting members were treated to a very pleasant luncheon and soft drinks organised by
Committee members and wives.
Strong winds and climbing temperature greatly restricted the day's flying; but it was a very enjoyable morning
for those who came along.
"Not ANOTHER electric plane!"

The "mad professor"
Gary, demonstrates his
latest device, a terrifying
mediaeval launching
device for flying wings.
Powered my miles of
elastic, he was as
surprised as anybody
when it actually worked!
Recently spotted on the Field
Tundras seem to be one of the current "in" planes at the Club. An
excellent light foam trainer for beginners, that can also be flown in an
extremely aerobatic manner even in strong winds.
Here are Des, Kurt, and Derek's 1300mm span versions, along with Mark's
imposing 1700mm Grand Tundra.