CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
Bob has now replaced his Stick 4d with a brand new
Seagull Challenger 40. 1350mm span, powered by
his OS46. A proven good flyer, it is the third at
CCMAC. After a bit of minor trimming Bob looks
forward to matching it with the other two!
Paul L has maidened this very neat low winger
1500mm span powered by the OS46 salvaged from
the wreckage of his much love Calamatto.  The new
plane was built for him by Paul
S out of sympathy for
the loss. Loosely based on a 5 Star 4S, It immediately
proved to be a top performer, so now everyone wants
No it's not a Beaver! But Gunter felt right at home
with the maiden of his VQ Dornier 27, 1600mm
span with ASP 61 four stroke engine.
Mike's latest maiden is his pre-loved refurbished
Seagull PC9. He repaired the damaged nose,
and converted it from nitro to electric with
Turnigy 5055 on 5s. It performed extremely well
with only minimal trimming.
Bob has traded his much loved Radian, for a new EFlite
Conscendo glider.
Following an initial binding problem he is delighted with its
soaring performance.
Desi has recently maidened two new models. A
Dynam Tiger Moth to which he added fair bit of
nice scale detailing, plus patient trimming and cog
balancing to get it flying as well as it now does.
The pretty little HK SlowPoke suffered an apparent
brown out on maiden, but was recovered from the
bush virtually undamaged ready for a re-maiden!
This superb 1730mm
Black Horse Spitfire is
Bailey's latest project; it
was featured as February
"Plane of the Month". It
was his first major build
unaided. He has now
maidened it, and to his
great relief it performed
superbly with only minor
Bailey made a textbook
landing gaining a round of
applause from the club
CCMAC was extremely sorry to hear of the
passing of Graham Pearce after a long battle
with cancer; which he never even mentioned
until his final days.
Graham was a relatively new member of the
Club having joined with his son Ray about a
year ago. At the "young" age of 82 he was
incredibly keen to fulfil a boyhood ambition to
learn to fly radio control aircraft. His interest in
aircraft led him to a spell in the Royal Air
Force in Germany working as a ground crew
on "V" bombers.
In his time with CCMAC he rapidly became an
extremely popular member, being admired for
his relaxed outgoing personality, and his
dogged determination to achieve Silver Wings.
Only couple of days before his passing he was
again at the field practicing circuits, and
carrying out his first take offs.
Graham will be greatly missed at the field.
Our deepest sympathy is extended to his wife
and family.
Miles has sucessfully maidened a new Chris
Foss AcroWot powered by Saito 82.
It performed very well indeed requiring only
minor trimming.
Ian kept his achievement of getting his Gold Wings very quiet!
But he was eventually persuaded to pose shaking hands with his
mentor Dave (left); and Instructor Dick (right) who awarded the
wings! Apart from excellent tuition, Ian credits his sucess to
regular practice with his Tiger 40 trainer and also a humble well
beaten up Reaktor foamie!
Arthur's superb new J3 Cub decided to maiden itself by
eagerly bounding into flight during taxi trials! Beautifully
built from a Great Planes 2 metre span kit, it is powered by
Turnigy G110 motor running 9s. The undercarriage was
fully custom stainless.
A members meeting was held on March 3rd following a
breakfast BBQ. The Committee reported that the Club was
operating smoothly, finances were in good order, and that a
Swap Meet was to be held soon.
Members are encouraged to raise any suggestions for
consideration by the Committee.
Following the meeting, pilots enjoyed general flying under
perfect weather conditions.
Gunter has maidened his new Super Flying Models Pilatus
PC6 with Swiss markings.  
1630mm span, with Saito 61 four stroke nitro. It flew perfectly
straight off!
Derek is now into gas power for the first time. He has
flown the Great Planes 1800mm span Meridian for
several years with electric power; but has now mounted
a new RCGF 15cc petrol engine. It started first go, and
performed superbly!
Kurt has maidened his first mid wing aerobatic plane.
An HK Voltigeur 1250mm foam electric. He found it a
bit touchy at first, but was soon getting the hang of it
and enjoying some stunts.
It was a "remaiden" for Jim's Messershmitt ME262 EDF, which
has been in storage for some time,
It flew well apart from a recalcitrant nose wheel which Jim
overcame with an incredibly smooth "belly" landing on the
engine pods!
WELCOME STEVE! Steve recently moved to the
Central Coast from Dubbo and has joined CCMAC. He is
an accomplished control line pilot, aiming for a place on
the Australian team. Having only started into RC about 18
months ago, he has already gained his Gold Wings! His
current favourite plane is this very nice large Yak
powered by DLE 35 gasser.
Gary's back in the black with two maidens in one day!
The black colour on the Guanli Catalina was inspired
by the "Black Cat Squadron" plane from Rathmines!
1380mm span 2212 motors on 3s.The same paint was
then used for the Volantex Ranger 1600mm, also on
2212 motor and 3s.
More info;      Gary 0407250 694  or Dennis 0428 256 703
Bring it. Sell it.
Buy it. Swap it.
Fly it!
Saturday April 6th 2019 from 8.00am onwards, at CCMAC Field, Mannering Park.
*Free entry and selling. Bring along unwanted planes equipment to turn into cash,
or swap. Buy that plane or item you really want.
Themed Flying Sessions. (by invitation) 9.00am Scale. 10.00am  3D and
aerobatic. 11.00am Helis and quads. 12.00pm Foamie Mayhem!
General flying between sessions. (Visitors subject to registration and proof of
MAAA membership.)
Free sausage  BBQ from 11.00am BYO soft drinks.