CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
Bob has traded his much loved Radian, for a new EFlite
Conscendo glider.
Following an initial binding problem he is delighted with its
soaring performance.
Miles has sucessfully maidened a new Chris
Foss AcroWot powered by Saito 82.
It performed very well indeed requiring only
minor trimming.
Derek is now into gas power for the first time. He has
flown the Great Planes 1800mm span Meridian for
several years with electric power; but has now
mounted a new RCGF 15cc petrol engine. It started
first go, and performed superbly!
Kurt has maidened his first mid wing aerobatic plane.
An HK Voltigeur 1250mm foam electric. He found it a
bit touchy at first, but was soon getting the hang of it
and enjoying some stunts.
Yet another maiden for Gunter. This time a Super Flying Models
Beagle, 1500mm span, powered by ASP 46 nitro.
upgraded to OS 46!)
It is an excellent flyer.
CCMAC owes much to long term member Lee. During his more than 20 years with the club
he has been a Committee member several times, and has served as President. As a highly
skilled pilot he has also been an instructor for many years.
Above all, along with Tony, he has carefully maintained the field
; both having mowed for 14
Lee has finally decided to hand in his mower to new drivers. He will now just  concentrate on
enjoying flying.
Sincere thanks Lee for all you have done for CCMAC
The day turned out fine and unusually warm,
attracting a good turnout to enjoy great flying at the
Dennis chose to celebrate the day with his most
appropriate superb Spitfire, whilst Gary towed and
even looped with the Aussie flag behind his
Everyone else enjoyed a drama free days flying, and
enjoyable socialising in the CCMAC spirit.
Gary's latest maiden.
What is it -  "dunno!"
What electronics? - "bits I had
lying around"
What span? - "about this
How much did it cost? - "a
How did it fly? - "could not
believe how well!"
How much trimming needed? -
"Could just be my New
favourite plane!"
Dennis has successfully maidened his latest project.
A Black Horse Proctor EDF, featured as the May
"Plane of the Month". 1380mm span, 90mm 12 blade,
1600kv  Dr Mad Thrust EDF. 12s 6200mah Zop
Gunter has been busy again. This time a  very
impressive new Black Horse Wilga.
1700mm span powered by OS 61 two stroke
New student pilot Guy, maidened this nice new
VQ Models Wasp trainer, with assistance from
his instructor.
Paul is back with a nice new Calamato 40 low winger,
powered by OS 46. A great flyer was the verdict!
Derek has now maidened his second gasser.
This time a re-engine, from electric, of his fairly new
Phoenix MXS. 1472mm span.
Now fitted with new RCGF 10cc petrol engine, it  
performs even better than previously, and now is nice
and noisy!
Bailey and Dennis recently put of a fine display of formation flying
with their lovely electric powered Spitfires.
Instructor Dennis, and all CCMAC members, are impressed on just
how far student (now "Silver Wings") Bailey has progressed since
joining the club at the age of only eleven years, a seemingly short
while ago.
A recent visitor to the CCMAC field was Greg from
Tallebudgera (Tally) Electric Flyers Queensland.
An accomplished pilot he put on an impressive flying display
with his superb Aeroworks Extra 260.
2300mm span, powered by EFlite 360 on 12S batteries.
Lee's wife was so
sympathetic to the recent
loss of his much loved
Black Horse Edge that she
bought him a replacement!
Now with DLE 30 gasser
engine Lee reckons that it
has even more
performance !
"Someone in Munmorah"
recently bought a SFM
quarter scale Cub.
It was MAURIE!
Powered by RCGF 30
gasser, it performed
brilliantly on maiden