CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code

CCMAC members can purchase nitro fuel directly from fuel specialists "Powerplus" at North Wyong.

5lt Powerplus methanol    1lt ProNitro 99.9%  1lt Klotz KL-200    (Premixed not available)

POWERPLUS   Unit 5/14 Donaldson Street, North Wyong. Tel 02 4355 4300
CCMAC's Biggest Ever Swap Meet!
Two Days - Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October 2017
Members of all aero modelling clubs,        
(inc AMAS) are are invited to CCMAC's
"biggest yet" swap meet, to be held over
two days at the CCMAC field.

Bring all that unused gear* that is sitting in
your workshop. Get cash for it, and clear
space for that next great project.
There will be plenty of space for displays.
Food and refreshments will be available all
You will even be able to camp overnight
Saturday! Flushing toilets on site.

And the field will be open for general flying.
So you will be able to demonstrate, or test
planes** on the spot!

Visitors wanting to sell items, please call
Wally to book space.
Sellers, please make gold coin donation on
on the day on behalf of Flying Doctor service.
Enquiries to Wally    0417039102

*Only modelling items; and no professional
traders permitted
** Visitors must sign in to fly.
Ever wonder what the view is like
flying aerobatics over the CCMAC
Well, now you can experience
flights in Paul's nitro Dragon Lady,
Garry's electric Bushmaster, or
Dennis' large scale Pilatus PC6.
At CCMAC Field, Saturday Sept 2nd 2017
And now for something completely different!
An E-Flite X-Vert VTOL, 504mm span, maidened by
Gary is going gliding with an HK/Lanyu ASW28, 2600mm span.
It flew brilliantly on his first flight; but unfortunately the trees at
the end of the runway reached up and grabbed it on
approach. Luckily there was no damage!
Brian is now flying a nitro trainer to
prepare for going for his Silver Wings
An EFlite Commander  is the latest addition to
Phil's squadron. With 1400mm span, and a 15
size motor on 3s it is a lively performer.
Dave has had this very nice Black Horse
Extra 330l, 1650mm span, for some time;
but has only flown it a couple of times.
Perhaps it will be let off the leash more
often in future!
The "Pink Beast" is Warren's magnificent Seagull Nemesis NXT,
2045mm span, with 35 DLE engine. The colour is faithful to Jon
Sharp's original Reno racer.
And it was a superb performer on Warren's maiden flight!
Jim looks utterly amazed at
John's incredible new electronic
NO it's NOT a Beaver! Gunter has gone to the
Swiss Alps with his new VQ Pilatus Porter.
1600mm span with Saito four stroke. A very
relaxing flyer, in the Gunter style.
Chad's latest plane, is actually 30 years old! He rescued this old
1600mm span Mustang, powered by OS two stroke, from an attic.
He is decking it out in RAF insignia, and thanks Dennis for finding a
suitable cockpit canopy!
OR, if you are really brave you
can fly with Gary in his
evil looking Sonicmodels 900mm
span flying wing. Complete with
mini Darth Vader in the cockpit.
HIs first attempts ended up in
failed launches; but he finally got
it right!
A member of the "Amish" RC flying
club visited CCMAC recently!
Phil has maidened this extremely nice 1780mm span Great Planes
Revolver Sport Aerobat 70.
It goes like a rocket, powered by a G110 motor on no less than 8S!
Bruce maidened, and trimmed, Albert's new Boomerang
11 trainer, powered by 46 nitro. Albert soon took over the
controls and said that it is a well handling plane to
advance him towards Silver Wings.
Wally went out to buy a new Calamato; but came back with
a new Great Planes Easy Sport 40 Mk2!  Apparently
assembly of the kit presented a few problems; but it
proved a fast and  excellent flyer, powered by OS46.
There's more than meets the eye behind Bruce's maidening
of a new VQ Magic Pylon. Powered by an OS46 in place of
recommended 32, it goes like a scalded cat!
No less than 10 planes are being purchased to start a
CCMAC pylon racing group.
It also seems that an
electric version is already being
developed by a member
; with NTM 3842-1300kv EFI pylon
race motor, on 4s.