CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
Derek has replaced his recently deceased
Phoenix MXs with a new HK Goldwing MXSR70,
with electric power. Turnigy Aero 5055 600kv
on 5s battery. The colour may be a bit garish,
but the maiden performance was impressive
after 1" increase in prop size. Good power, and
excellent handling.
Dave found the maiden of his new Black Horse
Speedair, 1600mm span, with G46 a bit too exciting
for his liking! But several adjustments of aileron and
elevator trim soon resulted in a huge improvement of
its handling. So much so that he is now really
enjoying the high performance of his new machine!
Chris invested a whole $70 in an HK Hawk kit to utilise
70mm EDF and all the electrics from a written off HK
The maiden performance amazed all including Chris!
Easy take off, predictable handing, and a reasonable
turn of speed.
He is so pleased with it, he has now even put on its
Bailey joined CCMAC less than four years ago at the age of ten.
As a student pilot he was extremely keen to learn from tutor Dennis and did
not take very long to achieve his Silver wings and go solo. From then he
rapidly progressed to become one of the most capable pilots in the Club,
regardless of age! From the early days he benefited from a series of planes
gifted by the club's experienced pilots Soon his collection grew rapidly to
occupy a full room at his family home! The next challenge was to start
building, and he excelled by completing a superb 1800mm span electric
He then excelled yet again by being awarded his
Gold wings, one of
CCMAC's youngest to achieve this level. In awarding Bailey Gold, instructor
Warren commented that he showed exceptional skills, and would be capable
of doing the Club proud if he was to consider competition as his next
Bailey was awarded his
Gold Wings by his tutor
Brian P appreciates a good flyer!
So he is delighted with the performance of
this Wot 4 that now shares a hangar with
his Wot Trainer. (and a large assortment of
classic style models)
Rob now has a very neat EFlite P3 Revolution
in his squadron. Almost immediately he was
carving up the sky with his normal
exhuberance! Will be even better with a higher
capacity battery to enable longer flights!
Dennis was over the moon at the maiden of his
superb large scale Pilatus with G180 electric.
Another great big pussycat!
David B dug an AFR HK Spacewalker out of his
stack of unbuilt kits to put it together with a new
NGH 9cc gasser.
Unlike most Spacewalkers, it goes like frantic
dingbat in typical Dave style!

At the AGM the following committee was confirmed for
the 20/21 club year.

President;  Mike Payens
Vice President; Chris Cahill
Treasurer; Arthur Tumeth
Secretary; Bob Dollery
General Committee;
Grant George, Bob Fisher, Peter Martin.

FLYING under Covid rules.
Following relaxation of Covid rules by the NSW government the Club
is has been able to start flying again. But, there are still a few
No more than 20 members can be at the field at any time.
Social distancing rule must be observed.
Max of 3 pilots in flight box.
Do not come to field if sick!

CCMAC has launched a members' only FaceBook page
Dennis says that his new
Super Flying Models Cub J3,
2547mm span with Red Back
Racing 91 electric power is a
great big Pussy Cat!
Nice, smooth, and quiet, with
no fuss! And no mess!
Gunter loves his new
Black Horse Cub J3 ,
2380mm span, with Saito
150 four stroke nitro
Oh for the purr of a four
stroke, and the smell of
castor oil in the morning!
Also a great relaxed flyer.
Derek used Covid time to build a new 1340mm
span Seagull Challenger to replace a previously
written off favourite.
This time, no nitro, straight to electric, Turnigy SK3
4240 on 5S.
It's a goer!
Phil is extremely happy with his brand new
Hangar 9, 10cc Valiant.
Running on electric Turnigy Aero 5055 on 6S
gives it rapid performance and impressive
aerobatic capability
CCMAC is pleased to welcome new member Corne to the Club.
As an experienced flyer from the WRSC at Belrose he has
recently moved to The Entrance and now looks forward to
enjoying his flying at Mannering Park. Initially he has been flying
electric with us to get a feel for the field, but he will very soon be
bringing some of his higher performance I.C. engined models.

The pilot in Paul's
new electric ARF
Corsair is apparently
closely observing
pandemic health
regulations with his
Covid mask!
Gunter has gone back to the future with his beaut new Astro Hog
biplane. Having been so happy with his recent new Astro Hog
monoplane, he decided to build the biplane version from a new
Sig ply and balsa kit, powered by an OS two stroke nitro.
It positively "glows" in its bright yellow covering!
Engine tuning problems have delayed the maiden flight, but
Gunter expects it to be a sweet flyer, ideal for relaxed long
duration flights!
It was good to see Jim back in action again at the field with
his impressive nitro helicoper!
Derek built this
1830mm span Super
Flying Models Falcon
Stick several months
ago with RCGF 20cc
gas, but was never
motivated to maiden it.
A decision to switch to
electric (Turnigy Air
5055 on 6s) was
followed by an  
immediate maiden!
Pete V recently
maidened this renovated
1500mm span VQ Stick
with 46 two stroke nitro
It proved to be a very
nice flyer.