CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code

CCMAC members can purchase nitro fuel directly from fuel specialists "Powerplus" at North Wyong.

5lt Powerplus methanol    1lt ProNitro 99.9%  1lt Klotz KL-200    (Premixed not available)

POWERPLUS   Unit 5/14 Donaldson Street, North Wyong. Tel 02 4355 4300
Club. He is still chortling at a trick he pulled on
Gunter by secretly swapping planes. Gunter admired
"Mike's" new plane for a while before starting to
wonder why so many of the details were identical to
his own plane! It was only after noticing that it had
wet grass underneath, did it dawn that it was his own
plane. The pic above IS Mike's plane!
A recent run of very windy flying days resulted in some
members looking for other entertainment when unable to
venture aloft. The answer was mini short course racing
trucks. The vehicle of choice is the WL Toys A969 1/18th
scale short course truck. With brushless motor and 2s lipo
these pocket rockets can reach 75 km, and are almost
Racing takes place on the concrete slab in the woods. With
approx 8 cars now owned in the Club, racing is fast and
furious. Races are generally only 2 or 3 laps, as it is hard
to count more, or indeed to stay on the track that long!
In addition, larger cars 1/10th and above electric or nitro
can be run on the adjacent lower dirt track
Cars are
not allowed on the flying field, or car parks.
Only flying members of CCMAC are permitted to run.
Mark was all smiles after the maiden of his
new Pylon Magic racer, powered by OS 46
nitro. We look forward to a full on race with
all the Club's Magics.
Who will be the quickest?
Seagull Super Chipmunk, trimmed it but then decided that
Gunter maidened this very nice ASP 61 powered brand new
nice as it is, it was not really his type of plane.
So it now up for sale!
Darren has built this very pretty SBach from a set of
DolphinCo 60" wings and tail. He then scratch built a
new fuselage, including moulding his own canopy and
Powered by OS two stroke nitro it looks great, and
performs superbly.
Mick's new Bush Mule is no less than the sixth
in CCMAC. It performs every bit as well as all the

Gary is becoming hooked on balsa! His latest is a very
neat indeed Black Horse 4D Stick. 1350mm span.  
Pre-owned by a CCMAC member who built it as a low
instead of high wing. Gary has now modified it to electric
power with a Turnigy 5045 650kv motor running 5S. Motor
mount is neatly fabricated from a nylon kitchen chopping
board, with yoghurt bottle cowling!
It looks good and performs superbly. His latest favourite
plane, for a few days at least!
Mark has "maidened" this classic stick of unknown origin.
Dusty and battle-scarred, it surprised all by flying around the field at
a nice relaxed pace; powered by a slightly spluttery old Enya four
Having sadly suffered a couple of unexplained write offs recently Paul is
now very pleased with his new Tiger 40. OS nitro powered with a Pitts
muffler, its exhaust note is fruity to say the least.  And it GOES!
Gunter has been busy in the workshop again, and has produced his new
"Space-Pol", a clever combination of a Spacewalker fuselage, and a Pietenpol
wing. The maiden flight was postponed to another day, at the last minute, in
order to add front ballast to improve the c.o.g.
Dennis successfully maidened Miles' new Cub. It was built by Gunter
from an HK kit with nitro power; but Miles has converted it to electric with
5045  motor.
He now intends take on regular lessons to achieve Silver Wings as soon
as possible.

There are now more than half a dozen
VQ Magic Pylon Racers in the Club, most
powered by 46 size nitros .
But we are yet to be treated to the sight of a
race between more than two at a time!
Now Danny is going full out to build the fastest
version, with Tiger 46 engine.
His new plane has a few mods to increase its
speed potential. The cowl has been extended,
canopy height reduced, and the tail
undercarriage faired in, to improve air flow.  
All beautifully executed as expected from Danny.
We look forward to a maiden soon!
Chris S maidened a beautiful new Great Planes Revolver 70;
1780mm span, powered by Turnigy SK3 5055 430kv, with 80a esc, and
running 6s.
After only minor trimming Chris was straight away performing loops, rolls,
inverted flying, and stall turns. Apparently delighted with its excellent
performance in strong winds!
Bryan is happy with his maiden of the (ex Gunter) nitro powered
1600mm span VQ Beaver.
He already has a few more projects in hand to follow up this one!
NEW MEMBERS - Father and Son!
A special welcome to "father and son" new members and student
pilots, Graham and Ray. Both will be trained by Dennis. Graham at a
very young "over 80",  possibly the Club's most senior student ever,

is keen as mustard to progress to Silver Wings. And son Ray is
equally keen!
Both appreciate the warm welcome they have received to the Club.
*June 24th