CCMAC Safety Code
These two Yak 54's ended up like this after the same manoeuver in the same area of the field within 10 minutes;
both engines cut out, the planes stalled, and on landing both undercarriages and engines bulkheads broke.
Congratulations Allan & Bruce
Anything you can do, I can do better!
Who's hung up?
This is what happens when one gets confused which
plane you are flying when racing!
Keith consoles George!
Post Christmas decorations
FPV,  BEFORE.............
Warren takes a look through the goggles, and tries
FPV flying.
FPV,  AFTER............
Warren hands back control to Jim.
Then "bang" motor bursts out of fuselage,
and Bixler hits the dirt!
Oh well, Jim wanted an excuse to upgrade
to Bixler 3!
Oh, GARY!!!!....
Uhh OH.......Hmmmmer!

Following a deadstick Chad, and all
spectators, abandoned hope when his
plane disappeared into the trees amidst
horrific loud sounds of smashing timber.

But miraculously the plane was rescued
from the foliage with hardly a scratch.
His lucky day indeed!