Ruttleys Road, Mannering Park, N.S.W. 2259, Australia (P.O. Box 7031, Mannering Park, NSW, 2259)

    Welcome to CCMAC, the most friendly
    and enthusiastic model aircraft club on
    the Central Coast of NSW.
    Visitors are welcome at our field to
    watch or fly. Our members are pleased
    to tell you all about RC aircraft flying,
    and help you start into the hobby.
    We have Gold Wings pilots and fully
    qualified Instructors to teach you on all
    types of aircraft including fixed wing,
    and helicopters, both nitro and electric.
    If you are an experienced pilot from
    another club, you are welcome to fly
    as a visitor up to 4 times a year; but
    you must sign in first, and show FAI
    card/ proof of appropriate insurance.
    Club flying takes place Tuesday,
    Thursday,  Saturday, and Sunday from
    8.00 to approx 11.00am; weather
         Control line flying Wed and Sat pm.
    (Members holding MAAA "Wings" can
    access the field any day.)

CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
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Site Updated  19th February 2019
February 2019   PLANE OF THE MONTH
Bailey's beaut new 1730mm span Black Horse Spitfire, with G60 on 6s.
At only 13 years of age, Bailey has learnt to fly, has achieved Silver wings, and
is now close to Gold standard.
And he built this Spitire almost unaided!